Names letter N-O

Names letter N-O.

Nicodemus – critical, wyrachowany. He has great intuition and organizational skills. He likes convenience. composed and sober minded, although sometimes explosive.
Name day: 1 June, 3 of August, 15 September
Norbert – sunny, calm. He knows human weaknesses well and tries to help overcome them. Compressed and balanced.
Name day: 6 June

Olgierd – he likes fame and tributes. He is ambitious, imperious. He is characterized by stubbornness in pursuing the set goal. Often wins.
Name day: 11 February, 4 November
Onufry – intelligent, often stubborn. loves nature. Calm. He likes comfort and good food. Nice and good.
Name day: 10 June, 12 June
Oskar – subtle personality, not imposing. Analyzing everything. Sensitive to music. a great lover of nature and books.
Name day: 3 February
Oswald – he likes to rule and control the situation. Has a good understanding of the surroundings. Energetic. He likes power and knows how to use it. Sober thinking.
Name day:
Otto – constant, loyal, not overbearing. He values ​​freedom of thought and action. He likes nature, music and literature. With a great sense of humor.
Name day: