First names, letter R.

First names, letter R..

Radoslaw – well-liked. Bringing joy and sweetening worries to other people. He enjoys well-deserved respect and good fame.
Name day: 1 brand, 2 brand, 8 April, 8 September
Raphael – noble, Good, upright. Obliging. Serving the psychic support of others in times of their severe mental breakdown.
Name day: 24 January, 20 June, 29 September, 24 October, 20 November, 2 of December
Raymond – cultural, subtle, great nature lover. Protective, giving shelter and care to those in need. stands up for the aggrieved.
Name day: 7 January, 23 January, 31 of August
Rajnold – he likes power and knows how to use it. Energetic, controlling the surroundings.
Name day:
Remigius – possesses intelligence and cleverness. capable of commercial interests. He often performs bold deeds.
Name day: 1 October
Robert – has great intuition. A good expert on human nature. Has the ability to lead others. Sensitive to flattery. Dedicated to the family.
Name day: 21 February, 17 April, 29 April, 13 house, 7 June, 18 July, 17 September
Rodryg – strong, highly valued fame. He can get rich.
Roman – likes to lead others. He has a sense of personal dignity and the greatness of his homeland. He has good memory and good pronunciation.
Name day: 28 February, 29 February, 9 of August, 6 October, 23 October, 18 November
Romuald – power-hungry, mastery over others. He likes the glory and fame of his name and family. Willingly participates in public and state affairs.
Name day: 7 February, 19 June, 9 of August
Rudolf – energetic, analyzing everything. Conscientious, nimble. Easily gets money, but the uncontrolled may lose them.
Name day: 7 April, 21 June, 27 July
Rupert – bold, skeptical, power-hungry. Always busy. He hates criticism. Analyzing everything.
Name day:
Richard – holds strong, strong character. Courageous and responsible. A good leader. Very rich sometimes.
Name day: 7 February, 3 April, 7 September