First names letter S

First names letter S.

Salomon – he likes peace. a man endowed with wisdom by nature. A good peacemaker. He is forward-looking.
Name day: 8 February, 28 September, 24 October
Samuel – possesses the gift of a just judgment. Fair. Fond of peace. A good conciliator. God-fearing.
Name day: 16 February, 20 of August
Sebastian – versatile, critical mind. Strong personality. He likes to analyze every case. It penetrates deeply into the essence of things. He has a good opinion of his surroundings.
Name day: 20 January, 30 January, 8 February, 31 of December
Sergius – likes freedom of thought and action. Cheerful and imprudent. He has to go through many failures in life, to settle down. Versatile mind. He likes changes and women.
Name day: 24 February, 9 September
Seweryn – he is characterized by severity of character, seriousness and severity. He is a man of strict morals and applies them both to himself, and others. He is secretive. sometimes stubborn.
Name day: 8 January, 1 February, 23 February, 8 June, 23 October, 1 November, 8 November, 19 November
Slawomir – he likes to be famous and works hard for it. He likes peace. he is a good conciliator. Friendly. Obliging. He has a good intuition.
Name day: 17 house, 5 November, 23 of December
Stanislaus – always busy, analyzes everything. Energetic. Skeptical until he sees the result of his efforts. An endearing person. Philanthropist
Name day: 8 house, 18 September, 13 November
Stefan – ambitious. Sensitive, good advisor, you can rely on. Dedicated to home and family. Conservative.
Name day: 3 February, 8 brand, 17 April, 16 July, 2 of August, 6 of August, 15 of August, 16 of August, 2 September, 7 October, 10 November, 11 of December
New Year's Eve – solitary, hidden, straight. Fans of wilderness and wilderness. Perceptive. Loving nature, especially the forest.
Name day: 26 November, 31 of December
Stephen – great original. Ambitious, sensitive, who likes to walk on their own, beaten paths. Has organizational skills. He likes personal comforts.
Name day: 3 of August, 26 of December
Simon – independent thinker. Advisory, constant, sensitive and mysterious. Responsible for what he does. He loves nature.
Name day: 5 January, 6 February, 16 February, 24 brand, 20 April, 16 house, 18 July, 3 September, 14 September, 28 October