First names letter W

First names letter W.

Wenceslas – analytical, creative mind. Capable of managing his own affairs without the help of others. He likes peace and appreciates it the most in his personal life.
Name day: 4 brand, 5 brand, 4 April, 15 April, 28 September
Waldemar – likes to rule and control the environment, it makes him famous. Sometimes malicious and bitter.
Name day: 16 January, 5 house, 11 of December
Valentine – analyzing everything in terms of ambition and diplomacy. Not very frugal. It has the ability to entertain the company.
Name day: 7 January, 14 February, 2 house, 21 house, 28 July
Walter – he likes to rule and rule, exercise power over your surroundings. Has the ability to impose his will on people.
Name day: 2 house, 5 June, 29 November
Lawrence – has the ability to be fast, good decisions. Sensitive, highly intuitive. Greed for flattery. Sometimes capricious.
Name day: 3 February, 3 June, 22 July, 10 of August, 5 September, 28 September, 14 November
Wienczysław – usually an ambitious personality. Not very frugal. Analytical, creative. Nice to those around you.
Name day: 25 brand, 16 house
Wieslaw – sensitive, nice, cultural. Transparent nature uncomplicated. Perceptive. Cheerful. Cheerful in dealing with others. Obliging.
Name day: 22 house, 7 June, 21 November, 9 of December
Victor – likes to win in all life fights. Wise. Reasonable. He has a gift for persuading others. Possessed. Consistent.
Name day: 22 February, 25 February, 6 brand, 29 brand, 12 April, 8 house, 14 house, 17 house, 21 house, 28 house, 21 July, 28 July, 30 September, 17 October, 8 November
Wilhelm – sensitive, ambitious intellectual. Authoritative. It protects the weaker from violence. He gives shelter to the needy. Does not like, to be commanded.
Name day: 1 January, 10 January, 6 April, 28 house, 8 June, 24 June, 25 June, 5 July, 2 September
Vincent – critical of everything. It can be easily upset. Advisory and responsible for his advice.
Name day: 22 January, 8 brand, 20 brand, 5 April, 24 house, 19 July, 6 of August, 25 September, 27 September, 9 October, 27 October
Witold – willing to work and cooperate with others. Open and honest A keen observer. Has an innate intelligence. Capable of sacrifice. Sociable. He likes to have a big influence on his surroundings.
Name day: 15 June, 12 October, 12 November
Wladyslaw – sensitive, restrained, independent, confident. He values ​​freedom of thought and action. Dedicated to the family. He has a tendency to delve into the mysteries of faith and occultism.
Name day: 2 April, 27 June
Vladimir – sensitive, restrained, independent, confident. He values ​​freedom of thought and action. Dedicated to the family.
Name day: 16 January, 15 July, 11 of August
Wojciech – energetic, he always works with a method he chooses. It has an intuition and a gift of swiftness, the right decision. He is distrustful sometimes.
Name day: 23 April
Wolfgang – insightful and hungry for knowledge. Steadfast in beliefs. Dedicated to the family. Engaging. Not very frugal.
Name day: