First names letter Z

First names letter Z.

Zacharias – has a good memory. keeps his promises and promises. Constant. Under adverse circumstances, he can be unpleasantly unforgiving.
Name day: 6 April, 6 September, 18 September, 5 November
Zawisza – ambitious, appreciating the fame of others and striving for it, to achieve fame yourself. Often envious and jealous of the achievement of this fame by others.
Name day: 17 of August
Zbigniew – he is characterized by duality, there is a desire to get rid of anger, but there is also a desire for venomous anger and anger used to avenge the enemy.
Name day: 17 February, 17 brand, 1 April
Zdzislaw – striving and achieving fame through his deeds and nobility of character.
Name day: 29 January, 28 November
Zenobius – philanthropist. He has a great sense of humor. Sociable. Creative mind.
Name day: 29 October, 24 of December
Zeno – strong, angry and merciful. He likes to control his surroundings.
Name day: 12 April, 23 June, 9 July, 22 of December
Zygfryd – protective, calm. He likes to win at all stages of his life
Name day:
Zygmunt – protective, for peace of mind. He likes to win at all stages of his life. It always overwhelms the opponent with its eloquence.
Name day: 2 house