Elements of a successful wedding – theme, style

Elements of a successful wedding – theme, style

Every girl dreams, that her wedding and reception would be like a fairy tale. Often, from an early age, he creates a script in his head. She dreams of a beautiful puffed dress like a princess, about a white carriage drawn by white horses. And this day is coming, when dreams turn into reality - wedding day. Undoubtedly, in addition to making your dreams come true, you care, that your guests would also remember this day. The whole wedding consists of several dozen elements, which, precisely prepared, will create unforgettable moments.

In the following articles, we will cover each of the elements of a successful wedding.

the first i wyjściowym elementem jest theme – wybieramy go za raz na początku planowania i organizacji ślubu. This will facilitate the selection of decorations, additives, flowers, selection of invitations, additional attractions, and even a cake.

What could be the leitmotif? Well - everything.

It can be a selected item, which you like or is related to your interests, but also color, which will be manifested on all accessories and additions.

If it will be e.g.. blue, then try to use the same blue tone. It can also be a black and white color very fashionable lately. And remember here, that the cake is also black- white. As for the elements, there are no restrictions. They can be little angels, strawberries, hearts, Butterflies- very fashionable anyway. For football lovers everything, what can be a guiding element related to it – from napkins, for a cake in the shape of a football field or the names of tables of the most famous stadiums in the world or teams.

Za miast motywu przewodniego można również wybrać theme and style wesela. It can be old and elegant with a vintage car, baroque dress, an elegant and exquisite party. Or very modern with a long limo, the red carpet in front of the church, fitting a less typical wedding menu, colorful drinks and a bartender as well as mechanical music played by a DJ. It can also be picnic and garden, then decorate the tables with wildflowers, put more fruit on the tables.

The bottom line is this, so as not to mix styles and match it to you, Additionally, what you like and in the environment, what you feel good. Having chosen the theme, you will have an easier way to organize your wedding, and most importantly, it will provide you and your guests with a unique atmosphere of a wedding ceremony and reception.

Another elements, that make up the wedding, to wybór podwykonawców: room selection, music band, car, which you will go to the wedding, photographer or cameraman, but also additional attractions, which will diversify a wedding or a wedding. In the following articles, we will discuss each of them and suggest what to pay attention to and what not to forget.