Frak, smoking… or maybe a traditional suit?

Frak, smoking… or maybe a traditional suit?

The wedding fashion offer is addressed primarily to women, who already run around the salons a few months before the doomsday, looking for their dream dress. Completely wrong. After all, the newlyweds are a woman and a MAN and both should look equally attractive. So, below are some clothing suggestions for men.

For many years, the dark name has been the most popular men's wedding outfit, usually a black suit . Until recently, it was combined with a decorative vest and a bow tie. Today, young men more and more often choose tailored suits and ties "herring". This is an excellent proposition for a slim person, fashionable gentleman. Single-breasted jackets will take a few pounds, double-row will add.

To my satisfaction, men are increasingly choosing a tuxedo. A tuxedo is an evening men's outfit, more elegant than a suit, przeznaczony na takie uroczystości jak bale czy właśnie ślub. The tuxedo jacket has characteristic rather narrow and long lapels, most often satin. For a tuxedo, you should choose a special shirt with a turn-down collar and a black bow tie. You can put a white or black vest under the jacket, possibly a satin belt. The tuxedo proposal is especially recommended for men who are not too tall or who are slightly overweight. The long lapels of the collar as well as the straight line of the tuxedo will make the silhouette slimmer and longer.

Short gentlemen should definitely avoid a tailcoat consisting of a characteristic jacket with long skirts resembling a swallow's tail. Through its length, it definitely shortens the figure. Like the frock coat, which consists of a long jacket reaching almost to the knees.

The most advantageous colors for men's wedding fashion are dark colors. They are much more elegant and dignified than bright, in addition, they can optically subtract a few kilograms. The range of light suits should be chosen mainly by men with dark complexion and dark hair. One should remember, that bright suits are somewhat less formal, they give summer styling, holiday character.

Choosing the right size, the right length of the sleeves and legs are other things, which you should pay attention to when buying a suit. If we have a problem with the selection, it is worth investing in a good tailor, which will fit the suit to the figure of a man.