How to promote a wedding band

How to promote a wedding band.

The time has finally come for that, to show the world ours, ready to play, team. In this article, I will present some ideas for advertising our business. Unfortunately, most come at a cost, but if someone in our gang has specialized skills or knows the right people, the cost of advertising can be significantly reduced.

At the outset, I would also like to emphasize, that advertising is even more important than the very level of our band. If we are well visible, customers will certainly contact us. The ineffectiveness of the advertisement is likely to be apparent when 99 already 100 the events we play will be a flop, and negative reviews will appear on the main Google page and in the evening news on number one. I invite,

1. Internet

W przypadku wedding bands this is the best, the most powerful and most frequently chosen source of advertising. Do not kid yourself, no one in this industry can afford television advertising. I doubt it anyway, that the television would like to broadcast something like that. To, the fact that the Internet is the most popular choice also poses a problem- competition. Lots of competition. To overtake her you have to sweat a lot. To get customers on the Internet you need to:

- Order or create a professional website. It has to be really nice and full of different materials. If the guests see the graphics created in Paint, the team will be immediately perceived as frivolous and unprofessional.
– Zlecić lub wykonać bardzo konkretne website positioning. Currently, after many algorithm changes it is very expensive, long and extensive process, and only items in the so-called. top-10 can produce the desired effects. People most often search for the team using the Google browser, so creating and positioning a website should be the first and most important marketing activity.
- Prepare a Google AdWords campaign. Big costs, high positions, but uncertain effects. People often miss anything, what is tagged as an ad, they just have bad associations already ?
- Create Facebook profiles, YouTube and other social profiles. This is basically a positioning item, but we can do it ourselves. We put photos on this profile, filmy, news and of course we invite friends or strangers ?
- Add our business card to every possible list of teams or companies.

2. Playing for advertising

We can look for places in our neighborhood, in which are organized e.g.. dance. We contact the appropriate person and offer to play such a dance for free. The only condition: there must be a lot of people. Even if none of the guests is planning a wedding in the near future, there is a chance, that someone in his / her family is considering choosing a team. We have to do our best, show your best side. We'll probably hand out some business cards ?

3. Playing for advertising / beer

We need to find out if there is a special event like a picnic or harvest festival somewhere near the city.. I know from my experience, that in such areas weddings and receptions are organized more often. There is a good chance, that in this case we will get a small salary. However, if the organizer is looking for the cheapest possible contractor, let's offer it, that we will play for free- after all, it is still about advertising.

4. Word of mouth marketing

It is not about spamming internet forums ? Let each team member spread the word to all and sundry, that he plays in such a gang. Let him preach the news to friends and family. For this, you can ask people close to us, to ask if someone is looking for a band for a party. People will always view listings on recommendation first. If we start playing a reasonable number of parties, there is a good chance, that people, even without our knowledge, they will recommend us to their friends or family. This mechanism will drive itself.

5. Poster advertising

One thing is for sure- will not be in the foreground for a long time. Firm, that advertise themselves this way is a whole lot, and the poles almost burst with excess paper. If we want, In order for the posters to have any effect, we must first find a place, where our target audience is likely to hang around. That's possible, that we will have to visit the city and watch who for hours, what day and at what time is it near the advertising column. Later we will make a small summary and if we choose the right time for our advertisement, we have to prepare a visible but friendly poster design and hang it on a specific pole. Repeat this activity for, say, a month. If this does not work, we change the location. One note: like, that people become very resistant to advertising, such a poster may not have any effect at all.

6. Car - advertising

If we have a reasonably decent car and we are not too attached to a spotless one, shiny paint surface, we can cover our car with a team advertisement. After such a procedure, we will definitely have more motivation, to organize rides around the city more often ? Best, that such trips would run at a patrol pace of approx 30 km / h, so that everyone could write down the name of the band, phone number and website address ? An even better solution, although it is more expensive to have two cars. One for everyday use, and others strongly advertising. Like the point 5 we are looking for places, where our target group is located and we leave our car there for a week. In this case, we are sure, that our advertisement will not be sealed. The only danger is this, that our ad may disappear permanently ?

7. Talent Show

I admit, that it's a bit drastic and dangerous at the same time. Fact: our band will be loud for a while, but it will probably be a bad name. Playing disco polo on a popular TV show on 90% we will be criticized by the jury. This is first. Secondly, cameras and microphones will record our every breath, each of ours, misplaced word, comment. If, although we make a minimal fool of ourselves, our band's career is over. If we come up with any of our own, an ambitious song and we will play it great, we can count, that our career has only just begun. People will start searching for us on the Internet and what they will find? That we play hacks ? Despite, They probably remembered us well from our TV appearances, so they will look at us with a much kinder eye and who knows, will they not want a 'star' at their wedding ?