When and what? -organization of a wedding

When and what? -organization of a wedding

Proposal, engagement, it's behind you. Now it's time to start preparing for the wedding ceremony and reception. Where to start, actually? Where to go first and when? Experts in the organization of weddings - Wedding Consultants know very well how many things to do, how easy it is to overlook something, or forget anything that should be taken care of at all 8 months before the wedding.

After summing up it turned out, that is until 100 things, which need to be dealt with. We will discuss some of them and the time when they would need to be taken care of- so, to be on time with everything.

The optimal time for the celebration is 12 months, which will be needed to organize and finish everything on the last button.

12 months before

We set a wedding date

We make a list of guests

We reserve the hall

We're looking for a team, photographer, cameraman

8 months before

Date reservation at a church or registry office

This is the right time for that as well, to enroll in pre-marriage courses.

6 months before

Choosing wedding outfits

The choice of transport for the young couple - if the car is to be rented

Notification of people selected as witnesses

Choosing a decorator

Choice of invitations, vignettes

4 months before

Establishing the final guest list

Pre-booking of accommodation and transport for visiting guests

Menu selection, alcohol

3 months before

We finally complete the documents

Choosing a hairdresser, Make-up artist, additional attractions for the wedding and reception

Beauty treatments in beauty salons

2 months before

Writing the protocol in the parish office and the first confession .
purchase of wedding rings

Purchase or print wedding invitations and vignettes
creating a gift list - if young people decide on such a solution

1 a month before

Bachelorette and bachelor party

You should try on your wedding outfits to be sure, that everything fits

Final selection of flowers - bouquet, butonierki i innych rzeczy związanych z dekoracjami

Official invitation of guests

Last days

This is the time to finish everything up to the last button, setting the schedule of the celebration

The day before

It is absolutely necessary to get enough sleep