Who is a Wedding Consultant and how to find one?

Who is a Wedding Consultant? What is its role and how to find it?

Zawód Konsultanta Ślubnego staje się coraz bardziej popularny. Although in Płock itself you do not hear much about people, who are professionally equipped to guide brides through the preparation for their most important day.

IN USA, The presence of a wedding consultant at the wedding ceremony is as popular as in Poland the presence of witnesses. Hence the lack of popularity of the participation of Wedding Consultants? Well, for lack of knowledge, how such a consultant can help, whether it is needed at all, and by conviction, that it is an extremely expensive service. Ci z what, who are going to get married should read this article in particular, because neither this service costs, it is not known how much, and the participation of a wedding consultant in the preparation of your wedding is not unnecessary, a is something, what the Young will not be able to do without in a few years.

The Wedding Consultant service is not new to the wedding industry. Detriment, that not much in Płock and its vicinity, who has heard of such a service. In larger cities - Warsaw, Katowice, The presence of a Consultant at the ceremony in Częstochowa is becoming more and more popular, he is already attending, in what 10 wedding.

Who is he and what is the role of a Wedding Consultant?

Wedding consultant to profesjonalny organizator ślubów i wesel, who will not only recommend proven subcontractors and advise on the selection of flowers or invitations, but also will present the latest trends in the wedding industry.

Wedding consultant stanowi również nieocenione wsparcie dla Młodej Pary w niespodziewanych sytuacjach, it is easy to do during wedding preparations.

What does a wedding consultant do?

  • Konsultant przede wszystkim spełnia marzenia Młodych dostosowując ich możliwości finansowe
  • Negotiating favorable discounts, które obniżą koszty ślubu i wesela
  • He verifies and presents proven subcontractors, ensures the implementation of the agreed orders contained in the contracts
  • He is an expert in the field of organizing wedding ceremonies, thus has knowledge of trends and other things, which make the wedding more attractive
  • He always has a plan B., in unforeseen situations, których podczas ślubu czy wesela jest cała masa i oczywiście są one nieuniknione -reaguje natychmiast, and a sobriety of gaze allows you to save the Young from difficult situations.
  • In addition, he is a partner / friend, who will always give support to the Young people in a hot period of preparation, will conduct family negotiations, will help explain to parents and future parents-in-law "why is it this way and not otherwise"

Meetings with a consultant are divided into 3 basic stages – the first two meetings are non-binding and free of charge.

How to find a Wedding Consultant?

There are wonderful Wedding Consultants on the market. They have many years of experience in organizing various events: from weddings, weddings, starting with the promotion of companies and ending with the organization and coordination of business conferences. They have experience, which will avoid mishaps. They cooperate with the best, proven subcontractors. They have a feeling, thanks to which they always meet the tastes of the Young, and professionalism, którym się kierują przy każdym nawet tym najmniejszym zleceniu.