Coordination of the wedding ceremony and reception – what is this?

Coordination of the wedding ceremony and reception – what is this?

The wedding day is the most important time for the bride and groom. Even on this day, a lot of responsibilities fall on the young themselves, but also on their little ones or their immediate family - which hinders the carefree celebration of the long-prepared celebration. Thanks to the presence of the Wedding Consultant, who coordinates the wedding day. Young people and their guests can enjoy all the moments on this day, without worrying about anything but having fun. The coordination itself, is organizing and harmonizing the work of all subcontractors working at the wedding.

What does a wedding consultant do when coordinating a wedding and a wedding reception?

potwierdza przybycie na wyznaczone godziny i koordynuje pracę wszystkich podwykonawców: hairdresser, makeup artist, team, photographer, kitchen etc.. - e.g.. knows what time the band should be, to prepare yourself for the wedding reception in a stress-free way; is in constant contact, e.g.. with a photographer and will see to it, to get to the place and on time

– picks up incoming guests from the station or airport, brings a wedding bouquet, flowers for parents, zamówione ciasta; transports gifts, flowers after wishes

– watches over the course of the wedding ceremony, we check the decorations before the wedding ceremony, light the candles, checks the lighting, watches over the course of the wedding ceremony, helps guests coming to church or USC. If the church is large, we ask the guests to sit at the front (so that there is no situation, that the front and back of the church is occupied, and the center is empty)

-looks after the guests, introduces himself as a person to whom they can turn with the problem - thus they do not bother you

-looks after the visiting guests, who are checked in earlier at the hotel- welcomes them on your behalf. He guides them to the ceremony site as previously agreed

-before the wedding, guests receive a phone call to the consultant, thanks to this, they always call them and not young people, e.g.. when their car breaks down

-he places vignettes in the wedding hall, gifts for guests, lights candles, takes care of lighting and all matters previously agreed

-checks if everything is ready for the arrival to the room

-supervises the set course, e.g.. first dance, making sure right in front of him, that the young people are present in the room. It may happen, that the bride will want to fix her makeup just before the dance and then she will take care of it, so she can do it without any nerves.

-looks after the staff, dispensing hot meals, so that there would be no situation, that guests are e.g.. at a fireworks show and they serve a hot meal during this time; serving the cake and all planned actions

-thanks to extensive knowledge of the industry, he will always find a solution to a difficult situation, e.g.. breaks down the young car

-does not allow the situation, where subcontractors fail to fulfill their obligations, e.g.. team members drink alcohol, they take too long breaks between entertaining guests

-sticks the heels if necessary, he sews torn dresses or sews buttons

-I help guests in organizing and carrying out surprises for young people

-I check some of the sanitary facilities to see if there is a shortage of paper towels, toilet paper and we work closely with the staff in this area

– depending on the selected option, it can be with you from the morning until the end of the wedding, but also during the aftermath, he can only be in the church and until the wedding dinner begins - the choice is up to the young

– he is your friend and good spirit all the time

The wedding coordination is very much, very important, because you can't go back in time and repeat something that didn't work out. This is a day for which you have been preparing for a long time and it is worth taking care of its proper course. Coordination is not a service of the road. Depending on the order, it can cost from PLN 300 to PLN 2000.