The bride's must-have

The bride's must-have

Jest taki dzień dzień ślubu, in which one would like, so that everything is buttoned up. There are, however, stories, over which we have no influence. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance in case of various circumstances.

“Happiness is obtained on condition, that one has no desire to get it”

What to have with you on your wedding day?

item list, which can be useful in the event of a mishap is significant. It will be much better if some of these things are in the purse of a trusted person: mother, or bridesmaids, after all, the bride's purse has its limitations.

What should be in a wedding purse?

  • ID card,
  • confession cards,
  • handkerchiefs, perfume,
  • deodorant,
  • spare stockings / tights,
  • mirror
  • painkillers,
  • safety pin and needle and thread (in case of problems with the dress),
  • patches for corns,
  • comb or brush,
  • phone numbers and addresses of service providers (cameraman, photographer, taxi, restaurant, itp.),
  • preliminary contracts concluded with the restaurant, team, cameraman and photographer.

They can come in handy as well:

Cosmetics and things related to beauty and hygiene

  • can, lipstick / lip gloss, corrector, fluid, shadows, Mascara,
  • a nail file, nail tips and tip glue,
  • hairpins and rubber bands,
  • hair spray,
  • matting papers, matting powder or matting wipes,
  • tampons / pads, intimate hygiene wipes,
  • moisturizing wipes,
  • toothpaste and toothbrush,
  • mouth freshener.


  • painkillers, e.g.. Ibuprofen, Apap, Nurofen, aspirin, itp.,
  • medications for stomach ailments, e.g.. healing charcoal, stomach drops, smecta.


  • a shirt for a change for the groom,
  • gel inserts for high heels shoes,
  • comfortable shoes for a change,


  • battery, Chargers, cassettes for cameras and cameras,
  • colorless nail polish (for flying eyelets in pantyhose),
  • small scissors,
  • spare buttons,
  • mineral water,
  • burbot / tic tac,
  • adhesive tape – just in case the wheel in the petticoat breaks,
  • contact lenses for a change, liquid with a box, glasses.
if you think, that something is missing from this list. Write it down in the comment.