Bachelorette and Bachelor party

Bachelorette and Bachelor party

Bachelorette and bachelor party, is a custom assigned to pre-wedding ceremonies. The organization of this event is dealt with by the witnesses who prepare it as a surprise, in whole or in part, in consultation with the young people.

As for covering the costs, several solutions are practiced: – Witnesses pay in full - young people share the costs with the witnesses – half the cost is borne by the young, and the other half is filled with guests participating in the fun. Witnesses invite guests, they book a place and come up with attractions.

Traditionally, stag and hen parties are held on a weekly basis, up to two weeks before the wedding and they take place at the same time - on the same day. Young people should decide among themselves what boundaries they cannot cross, but also what they allow themselves. The imagination of both men and women knows no bounds, so the more detailed your boundaries are, the better it is for the relationship and therefore the future marriage.

It is also customary for the participating guests to give the bride and groom gifts. They are usually associated with an erotic subtext - sexy lingerie, gadgets, sex guides etc..

Ladies often go out to party and provide the bride with red, a pink or white veil necessarily with horns. They themselves have the same gadgets, which can be easily purchased at the gadget store. Gentlemen love striptease shows combined with a show for the young. The whole thing is added to the taste of access to a club or a disco in a limousine with a bar. There are many ideas.

If the witnesses are not very inventive or want to organize an unforgettable evening for the young, they can always use the help of experts.