How to create a live wedding band

How to create a live wedding band.

At the beginning, I wanted to provide tips on how to create a live and backing band in one article. After a moment of reflection, however, I came to the conclusion, that in both …

How to promote a wedding band

How to promote a wedding band.

The time has finally come for that, to show the world ours, ready to play, team. In this article, I will present some ideas for advertising our business. Unfortunately, most come at a cost, ale jeżeli ktoś w naszym bandzie

What does a drum kit consist of

What does a drum kit consist of.

This entry opens the series at least 4 drumming guides. This part will deal with the basics, the second is about recording, the third is about mixing, and the fourth is about the renovation of percussion equipment. I think, że zarówno początkujący jak i bardziej

Live band, and the sleepers

Live band, and the sleepers. Advantages and disadvantages.

I have already described how the creation of both such teams looks like. Of course, everything is based on your own experience. There are probably people, who have a completely different opinion, other experiences i will say, że to co napisałem to stek