Birthday traditions

What are the most important Polish birthday customs and traditions??

We meet with many birthday traditions and customs. However, they are among the most sensitive: birthday card, birthday gift, cake with candles and traditional “Happy birthday”. Where did they come from and what do these customs mean??

The custom of making and then sending or handing out personal birthday cards was born around the beginning of the last century in Great Britain. From there, this tradition spread practically all over the world. The idea of ​​using a postcard as a birthday card was, as it were, the natural course of things, because postcards, which had already functioned in societies for some time, took over new functions, we know today.

Where did the custom of giving gifts for birthdays come from?? It's hard to say. But it certainly came from here, that the guests visiting the anniversary wanted to emphasize how important it is on this special day. they did just that with gifts…

A birthday cake with candles is a tradition, which arose more or less 230 years ago in Germany. It was then that clever candle manufacturers figured out how to increase sales of their products. Just by sticking them into the birthday cake. According to them, there should be so many candles, how old is the celebrating birthday. (I wonder what the cake looks like for a centenarian?:) With such a cake, the jubilarian can show off. He has to blow out all the candles in one go. If he succeeds, his wish will come true… The idea of ​​the Germans caught on so well, that today every birthday cake is decorated with candles.

The custom of singing in Poland “Happy birthday” comes from the song, which originated in America “Happy Birthday To You”. Its authors were Mildred Hill and Patty Hfll. This song has become a permanent part of the canon of pop culture, Despite this, that already has over 100 lat! It is known and has been translated practically in every corner of the globe.

Now let's get to know the customs, which are not in Poland, they are in other countries (in alphabetical order):


It is customary in this country to offer birthday cakes with predictions. It takes this form, that during the baking of cakes for a birthday, all sorts of objects with specific symbolism are put into them. Np. coin means, that the birthday boy will soon become rich.


There is a funny tradition of pulling the ear in Argentina. The birthday girl pulls her ear as many times as she is.


The most important Australian birthday traditions are traditional barbecues combined with food “magic bread”. It is buttered bread sprinkled with pieces of chocolate, the second is the handing over of the house keys on the 21st birthday. Means, that the person celebrating their birthday becomes a full adult.


In Brazil, for children, who celebrate their birthdays, huge cakes in the shape of fruit or vegetables are baked. The birthday boy cuts the first piece of this cake and offers it to his mother or father. As Brazil and Argentina are neighbors, the practice of pulling the ear is also practiced here.


Everyone in China has a birthday on the New Year. They are after all “a year older”:). Most gifts have a tiger theme, it is to protect the recipient, especially children from misfortunes.


To show, that it's a birthday, a Danish flag is hung outside the window. If on 30 On the birthday, someone is a bachelor or unmarried woman receives a pepper mill. Round anniversaries (20,30,40 lat…) these are great parties- for several dozen people, lasting up to 10 hours.


All dishes at the birthday party must be served at once.

The Netherlands

Child, who's birthday gets a birthday hat that day.


On his birthday, the birthday boy is grabbed by his legs, turned upside down and lowered to the ground as many times as it is, plus one lowered for good luck.


In Israel, a girl, which ends 12 years and a boy, which ends 13 lat, they are symbolically welcomed into the Jewish community and from then on are subject to the same obligations as adults. There is also a habit of tossing the birthday boy on the chair.


In this country, a coin is put in the cake and butter is smeared on the birthday boy. This way, no misfortune will stick to it.


For the birthday, a special yellow cista is prepared and rises on a chair.


The birthday boy gets up in the chair, but only three times. The front door to the house is decorated, where someone lives, who celebrates birthday.


On someone's birthday, candles are lit all day and there must be a huge number of them. The celebrating bachelor- 30-On her birthday, she goes to town hall and sweeps the stairs there. His friends, after the stairs are clean, throw something on them again and the birthday boy sweeps again. It is meant to symbolize the fact, that men can also clean.


At school, the whole class sings to the birthday boy “Happy Birthday To You” and he chooses a partner to dance and enjoy- the whole class dances one dance.


On the birthday, the student gets flowers from the teacher, and small gifts made by them from other students.


Pupil, having a birthday party is required to bring candy to school.