Valentine hearts

It might seem, that each of us knows everything about Valentine's hearts. And in a way it is. Probably each of us, still in primary school, he was drawing big and small hearts, he was cutting, he was coloring, adorned, and that's all for that, to give a friend or colleague next to you on the bench. Today, kiedy już nieco wydorośleliśmy, idea obdarowywania się sercami nadal wpisywana jest w poczet najpiękniejszych i wyjątkowych upominków walentynkowych. At the beginning, it's worth asking yourself: why hearts became the main theme of the Valentine's Day? On the one hand, it seems obvious - the heart is the most important organ and, according to many beliefs and traditions, it is the center of all human feelings.. Today we know, that this center is, of course, the brain, but the heart is still our most important organ, it is impossible to live without, just like without a loved one.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, hearts begin to experience their annual renaissance, they become not only the decoration of shop windows, ale i głównym motywem na Valentine's Day postcards oraz na wielu innych walentynkowych prezentach, that's why so much in this period pluszaków trzymających serduszka, cupids with hearts, heart-shaped pillows, plush hearts, hearts cut out of red paper, heart-shaped chocolates and lots of other sweets in this shape. Especially Valentine's sweets deserve our attention here, because in the period 14 In February, shops experience a rush of chocolates and other heart-shaped sweets.

Hearts, as already mentioned, are one of the most important motifs on cards for lovers. Today we can meet a lot of variations with hearts in the lead role. Often even the classic red is abandoned and the hearts are black, green, blue, pink, golden, silver, mienią się mnóstwem różnych barw. W serca wpisywane są życzenia i rhymes Valentine's Day. It even got to that, że młodzi ludzie wysyłają sobie serca ułożone z liter i znaków interpunkcyjnych w popularnych love sms messages. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for that, to show your heart and give your heart to a loved one.