Engagement ring

Engagement ring

It is often like this, that this is the first ring a man ever buys, the fact is not surprising then, that it is a unique experience for him. In addition, the gifted woman will wear it for the rest of her life, and that certainly doesn't make it any easier.

An engagement ring is not an ordinary ring, but it emphasizes the greatness of the feeling. Especially women attach great importance to it, for much it reminds them, that from that moment on, their common path into the future began. So that your chosen one likes the ring, it must first and foremost match her personality.

When making your choice, try to match it to the style and manner of dressing your loved one. Pay attention to the bride's jewelry, whether it is modern, with straight, geometric patterns or rather richly decorated or antique.

There is a huge number of ring patterns , but simple models with one stone, or the so-called. Karmazowania having a number of minor “mesh” they are eternal models that always find their followers.

The problem, What stresses many men is choosing a ring that fits perfectly on the finger of their chosen one. Fortunately, almost any ring can be made smaller, except for those made of titanium and with stones set around.

However, there are several ways, that will help in solving this problem.

The scientific way, is measuring the inner diameter of one of the rings worn by the future bride. You can also ask your beloved's mother or friend, they should be more aware of the matter, if that fails, ask for a gift the ring worn by the chosen one on the ring finger – Fortunately. If she refuses to say that she is very attached to him, ask for him to borrow him, at least for a few days – at the jeweler, you can copy the required size from your ring.

Most often, diamonds and other precious stones are used in engagement rings. Some people choose a specific stone not by accident, believing that gemstones have different properties and powers.

Diament – considered a sacred stone, it safeguards the fidelity and indissolubility of the relationship, for he himself cannot bear hypocrisy.

Sapphire – according to eastern beliefs, a symbol of cursed wisdom and a treasury of all knowledge. It is supposed to protect against poverty, blindness and a snake bite. It is a great stone for everyone who wants to make their relationship strong and partner.

Rubin – the most common red color. It is a symbol of vitality and struggle as well as passion, love and delight – it's the color of life, youth and persistence of feelings.

Emerald – its green color has a soothing effect, strengthens the nerves, soothes irritations.

If you think that choosing an engagement ring on your own is too burdensome and carries too much risk of not matching your fiancee's taste , invite her to go shopping – together you will definitely make a better choice.