Gap games

Gap games


Here are the wedding games that are sometimes used during the festivities, or during the wedding.

And if any of the internet users visiting our website knows an interesting one, funny and interesting fun, whose description is not here – please send its description to our e-mail: We will definitely post it!

The party is usually organized just before the wedding ceremony or during the wedding party. To play, you should collect as many people as possible, which line up one after the other “in the carriages” then a long-distance train goes to the music, the dance begins. orchestra, every now and then he stops dancing and announces, to which station, in which country did the guests arrive. In every country, it is obligatory to have a national dance, e.g.: KanKana in France, in Russia, Kazachok, in the Vienna of the Waltz etc.. (to the rhythm of the appropriate music) number of countries and tracks, it depends both on the creativity of the music group and the stamina of the guests.

A stick is necessary for this game, e.g.. from a brush and a few brave ones. The rules of play are very simple: you should drink a hundred of vodka, by putting your forehead to the stick, run around him 10 times around, and then quickly run to the Bride and Groom at the other end of the room, która trzyma nagrodę. Brush Wybieramy kilka par tanecznych plus jedna osoba więcej. The orchestra starts the music, everyone is having fun. After a dozen or so seconds, the orchestra stops playing and the partner is bursting. Whoever does not manage to run up to another partner will have to dance with the brush. In this way, the awkward ones fall off.

Knowledge of whistling is essential for this competition. Participants are given a glass to drink 100 gram, after emptying it, they must whistle. The contents of the glass should be finely ground breadcrumbs. First, who succeeds in this play receives an award.

Boy or girl
One more wedding fun in the series of games in the field. The bride and groom take part in the game, who sits down to herself with her fingers on the chairs, at this time, the band plays short melodies. At the sign of the orchestra or at the end of the piece, Nowożeńcy turns to face each other, if they both look the same way, it means, there will be a boy if the opposite is a girl. The game is repeated so many times, how many children the Bride and Groom want to have.

let's get to know each other
A typical game for the Bride and Groom. After returning the veil and bow tie, the newlyweds are to show whether they managed to get to know each other well during their engagement. The competition is entered by the Young Couple and a group of both sexes. First, several ladies are seated in a row with the bride in the middle and the groom with blindfolds is to recognize her by the mentioned body part. Most often it recognizes the spouse by the knee, but there are cases of nose recognition, thighs, or breasts. The game is repeated, until the searched person is recognized. After finding the bride, the roles change. The groom sits on chairs among the gentlemen, and the bride's task is to find the hidden spouse, recognizing it by the mentioned body part. Most often in this case, this part of the body is the nose, but there are cases, where he recognizes the groom by his navel, buttocks or after a kiss.

You or me
The Young Couple sits on chairs in the middle of the dance hall. The music band gives them signs, on which one side is written YOU, on the other I. The team asks questions, e.g.: who has cooler in-laws? The young people pick up the signs, arranging them properly. The fun is all about funny questions and funny answers.

This game does not need to be described to anyone. The fun takes place most often after the cap ring. The Young Couple is taking part in it, Witnesses and all interested guests. The witnesses are given bowls and sit down in front of the stage, The young couple starts to dance. Guests participating in this game can only dance with the Bride and Groom, a fee must be paid to witnesses to dance with the groom or the bride. The young couple allocates the collected money to a pram for their child.

pass it on
Wedding fun, often organized at the beginning of the wedding, supposedly helps everyone at the party get to know each other faster. The bride and groom begin the fun by giving each other a kiss, the kiss then passes through the room from one visitor to the other, until he returns to the Bride and Groom.

Wedding fun with balloons takes many forms and forms. Several pairs are chosen, which are handed out the necessary instruments: balloon, pump for inflating mattresses. The rule is simple; The gentlemen keep the hoses from the push-ups, in which the balloons are stuck, Push-ups lie on the gentlemen's lap. The ladies' task is to inflate the balloons as quickly as possible by sitting on the pump until it bursts.

Playing a carriage – it is usually organized during the festival – you need a wedding party to have fun 9 people, which they represent: 4 carriage wheels, 2 horses, 1 coachmen, and of course the King (Groom) and the Queen (Mrs. Young). This wedding fun is about reacting quickly to words describing particular parts or persons on the carriage (you should get up and run around the row of chairs). For not responding to a word, e.g.. King, The groom, representing the King, must drink a glass of vodka without a drink. With a properly selected story, the game can cheer up the gathered guests to tears.

Playing with the chairs
This competition is organized in several versions, however, there is only one rule: several people or pairs take part in the competition, which line up around the chairs. There are always one fewer chairs than those taking part in the competition. At each break in music “players” occupy free seats. Person, for which there is not enough space is out. The last one remaining on the floor wins. Depending on the version of the game, it can take place in different ways, e.g.: In a chair you should sit with a person or a prop, which the orchestra will replace (tie, Cook, tights…) When playing with an accompanying person, a place must be taken by the Dancing Couple.

Any large group of people of both sexes is selected for the game and they are positioned alternately Pan, You… in Circle. Then, while dancing, you start dancing in a circle, holding hands. During the game, the music group stops dancing every now and then and asks about individual parts of the body, e.g.. handles, knees, thighs… what the participants of the game respond to as appropriate. Each question is followed by a change of body parts, for which those taking part in the fun stick to. Caution!!! Zabawa raczej dla osób pełnoletnich 🙂

dance competition
Several pairs take part in the competition. The orchestra leading the party often selects judges in the form of the Bride and Groom or Witnesses. The game is won by a couple, which will last the longest on the dance floor. Depending on the version of this wedding party, it may take on a strength form, or arcade:
– in the strength version, the orchestra forces the partners to more and more difficult figures, e.g.: with a partner on his arms, in a squat, e.t.c.
– in the arcade version, the dancing people can, for example,. balloon, which is placed between the different parts of the dancing bodies. For, which loses the balloon falls off.
– another variation of the arcade version is dancing with the jacket, in which partners Mrs. and Mr. – they change to a jacket on the chosen sign. The last pair is out.

A fun wedding that requires a lot of courage :). A bottle of alcohol is placed at one end of the room, at the other end the competitors line up. At the orchestra's signal, the players begin to lay a string of clothes on the floor. The winner is the person who first places the string so long that it reaches the bottle on the other side. There is nothing to hide, it is good to wear a lot of clothes then.:) zabawa zimowa 😉

We choose several pairs. the ladies stand at one end of the room, gentlemen at the other end. Attach a string to the men's trousers with a heavier bag tied at the end. The gentlemen are supposed to push “tail” a small cardboard box towards their ladies. The ladies are making goals from the mountains and the gentlemen should score a goal for this goal – of course, with a cardboard box

Second face
We choose four pairs. Two pairs of stockings should be prepared to play. The gentlemen sit on the chairs, and the ladies put on stockings or tights over their heads. The bride and groom act as a jury and choose the funniest face of the wedding. The fun is that the ladies take off their stockings from the face, pulling on the knot tied at the end of each stocking. Panowie robią śmieszne miny. Tempting Adam
You need several pairs and the same number of apples to play, and a piece of string. Tie the apples on a string by the tails. The ladies are holding apples on strings, and the gentlemen are supposed to eat an apple without the help of their hands. The longer the string and the bigger the apple, the bigger the problem with eating it.

Wedding shoes
Guests take the shoes of the bride and groom while removing the veil and the bow tie. The groom's task is to buy his spouse's shoes and his own alcohol. Often for this situation, you can hear orchestral preliminaries in style: “Mr. Young do not be Felek, buy out the bride's slipper, the slipper is tiny and costs half a liter of vodka”.

As a rule, two pairs take part in the game – Bride and Groom and Witnesses, or the newly elected Bride and Groom. Two additional chairs and two eggs are required to play. The gentlemen first stand on the chairs, and the ladies have to translate the egg by moving it in the legs from one leg to the other. After this operation is performed, the roles are changed, The ladies are standing on the chairs, and the gentlemen are supposed to put the egg under the dress from the bottom and take it out at the neckline. Of course, the appropriate music is playing in the background. Planując taką zabawę warto mieć coś na przebranie 🙂

All interested guests take part in the game, standing in a circle alternately Mr., you, pan, you… The fun begins with the young couple. The aim of the game is to feed the roller from person to person so that it does not fall on the floor. The roller is held depending on the version: under the chin, under the arm, or between the knees. Do not use your hands to pass the roller. The person who loses the roller falls out of the wedding fun.