wedding photography – photographer's choice

wedding photography – photographer's choice

If you are looking for a photographer ,who will take your wedding photos,it is worth paying attention to several important issues:


Bet on a photographer,whose works you like. This is the most important criterion. Remember,Wedding photos remain for life and constitute a unique souvenir. Good photos are like that,where wedding couples are naturally and at ease. If the posers look unhappy and forced to pose,it proves badly about their author.


Choose a professional photographer. How will you meet him? First of all, the achievements in the form of a professional portfolio. Here it is better not to risk and put yourself in professional hands. A professional should have a good website,where the photos are presented in a clear and simple way. There should be a lot of them so that you can see many pairs, the more diverse the photos,the better. It proves the creativity and experience of their author.


The earlier you book the date with the chosen specialist ,all the better for you. You will be sure,that he will photograph you.. A good photographer usually has many people willing to take photo sessions and organizes his work calendar several months in advance. If your appointment is busy,ask if it is possible to perform the session at a different date. The outdoor and studio sessions are very often performed on a day other than the wedding.


The prices of photos with a good photographer are higher, but the same is the case with other services or products. You know,that if something is better, it costs more. It is not worth saving on photos. They are too important and often the only souvenir for you to regret for the rest of your life ,that you made a poor choice


You can reduce the costs associated with wedding photos. It's better to treat yourself to a professional session, but there is no need to hire a photographer for your wedding party. Almost all the guests take pictures at the wedding, so there is no extra cost. Especially,that you have to reckon with it,with the photographer you should (and at least so is the culture) guarantee a place and meals,which is an additional cost for the newlyweds.


It is best to do an outdoor or studio session at a different date,after the wedding 2-3 days . On the day of the ceremony, nervousness and stress are inflicted,there is not enough time for everything and photos are taken in a hurry . Added to this is the fear of getting dirty or wrinkled wedding clothes. This, in turn, makes it impossible to take more spontaneous photos. That is why the wedding session is the perfect solution, it gives more possibilities,new ideas are born and you have unlimited time – which has a very positive effect on the final effect of the session, if the weather is not good and you have an outdoor session planned,the photographer should propose an alternative solution: photos in the studio or transferring the session to another day.