Birthday wishes

Happy birthday wishes

Birthday wishes 1

Let everything gray and colorless
It will leave your life forever..
Let every precious second of it
will be a cause for great joy.
Let sadness and fear of life
it always passes you by.
Let happiness and all good luck
she will be with you and always favors you.

Birthday wishes 2

I wish you…
…good night
and joyful awakening;
… So that you can afford it sometimes,
what you've been wanting for a long time,
not just that, which must be enough for you;
... so many good memories, make you thanks to them
she could have survived the bad times;
… Spring - this delight,
which still exceeds your expectations;
… So that you are always needed by someone;
… This joy, when someone's face
brightens at the sight of you,
or when you see a loved one
at the end of the platform;
… The joy of thinking, sharpness of the gaze,
the triumph of understanding
and the satisfaction of creating ...
… So that you may find happiness,
you are looking for.

Birthday wishes 3

Health, happiness, good luck,
One hundred smiles and joys.
Lots of cash for nice impressions,
And all dreams come true.

Birthday wishes 4

On the occasion of your holiday, I wish you:
That your only tears, that will appear in your eyes
There were crystal tears of happiness
For a happy smile on your face
There were no heavy clouds of sorrow
So that rose petals line the path of your destiny
And happiness, health, joy and love have been the destiny of your days.

Birthday wishes 5

On your birthday, I wish you every day
he was an unforgettable adventure and a cause for satisfaction.
That you never run out of warmth and love for the most important people in your life - those who are now and who will ...
Good luck in everything you do!

Birthday wishes 6

Don't walk in different ways,
But always your way.
Keep sharing the cup of happiness with us,
And give your suffering to your enemies.
Avoid falsehood, do not know jealousy.
Don't love it, who is not worthy of love.
Give no one your heart in sacrifice –
Except for this, who loves you sincerely.

Birthday wishes 7

Birthdays, birthday,
everyone makes cute faces
live for us happily ever after,
think of me kindly sometimes.

Birthday wishes 8

There are days, which should be remembered,
the, which will be written in the heart.
With them, words - wishes,
warm, Beautiful, lovely…
Just good luck
in every field of life,
let it be like an ever-blooming flower,
let it never, ever pass.
But I should join the wishes and the advice of the little one:
Happiness should be desired, because he comes to those who thirst.

Birthday wishes 9

How many worker bees in a hive,
how many points the train passes,
how many flowers does the meadow count,
how many dots does a ladybug have,
so much happiness and sweetness
on your birthday wishes you ...

Birthday wishes 10

Happy birthday day,
The fragrance of spring is full of flowers.
Today I want to wish you my best wishes,
Happiness, health, Good luck.
Let the sun shine brightly on you,
And the day will fly by in joy.
Let the sorrows of anxiety go away,
That there would be a day of joy.
These wishes, at least from a distance,
It flows like a great river.
And although modestly arranged,
They are meant for you