Live band, and the sleepers

Live band, and the sleepers. Advantages and disadvantages.

I have already described how the creation of both such teams looks like. Of course, everything is based on your own experience. There are probably people, who have a completely different opinion, other experiences i will say, that what I wrote was a load of rubbish. However, I am thinking, that from a down-to-earth point of view, the average gray man will have to grapple with the same problems, which I covered. In my opinion, creating a new team from scratch is a mediocre idea these days. If someone does not have a specific plan and is not persistent in their actions, the band will cease to exist in a short time.

I think, that I could address this article to both potential team members and people, who want to create such a team. I guess the saying has become a bit used, like a band at a party it's only live. As if it were so 75% the current musicians would lose their job. The point is, that there are different tastes and not everyone wants to see and listen to real instruments at their wedding. So let's consider both of these cases. I invite.


At special events, we have a really good cross-section of society. Just a mix of all musical tastes and characters, Additionally, there is a large discrepancy between the age of the guests and a different gender (usually 50/50, because people come with their partners). Another thing is the approach to music, musical sensitivity, musical ear, experience in listening to bands and making music. There is a whole lot of it. Fortunately people, who are in no way related to the music, they do not have high requirements. There are really a lot of such people. For them, the most important thing is, make it loud, party and disco polo. They just come to play. What is the conclusion of this? That it does not matter to them whether there is a DJ or a DJ on the stage 10 personal squad, including the brass section. I wrote almost, because everyone, even a visitor, insensitive to nuances, will admit, That:

- Live music is something , which not everyone is used to. You could say ,that it sounds and looks more like a concert than deafening and wall-shaking music in a clubhouse. If the band plays well, the guests on the dance floor will have a great time, and those, who don't want to play, will be able to listen to the "concert".
- No chance to hear the original ones, synthetic sounds, to which everyone is used to. Some may not like this very much. If the live band is not of great quality, then in the crowd you can hear voices “what is this song??”. Live instruments just sound different. They are clearer, sharper, all the music is not as fluid and precise as with the backing tracks.
- The live band has to tune up from time to time. Everyone must have chords and texts ready. Only when everyone is ready in 100% to play the next number, you can start it. Application? Longer pauses between songs. It also depends on the quality of the team.
- The live team is better able to create contact and a certain bond with people ,for which the game. Because people feel ,that they are part of the event ,and not just listening to songs from your laptop. But not every visitor will agree. As I wrote earlier, there are supporters of concerts and discos.
- When it comes to the organizers of the event, they will probably be interested in three things: fail, place, your own preferences. A live band is in most cases more expensive than a backing track, sometimes even much more expensive. Not every room has a large enough stage, so that the full composition can be found on it, so you have to spend more time and possibly more money on the right premises. Your own preferences- organizers may already have experience with live and playback bands or have specific preferences. They know what it sounds like, so they consciously choose it, what they like more.
- One more thing, namely the stamina of the team members. Here it all depends on the quality and experience of the band, but it is logical, that the live band gets tired faster. Effect? After many hours of playing in music, the energy is no longer as high as at the beginning, the pace may slow down a bit.


Let us consider what the matter is from the people's perspective, who make up the squad. It will be a kind of summary of the previous articles. So, the advantages and disadvantages of both versions:

- Let's start from the beginning, i.e. from the creation stage. An incomparably more difficult process is creating a successful live band. As I wrote, you have to find the right people, put in a lot of money and spend ages developing material and integrating.
- The team with sleepers will probably consist of a smaller number of people. It will also put a lot less work into preparing for the events. Wada? Dostanie mniej kasy za zlecenie. Zaleta? Dzięki temu będzie mieć więcej klientów. Ludzie po prostu nie mają dużo pieniędzy (most of them at least), so they often look for cheaper solutions. A live band cannot take as much money as a playback, it would be at least unfair and frustrating for the musicians.
- The playback / semi-playback team does not do as much work on the material. Its members are therefore relieved and have more time for themselves and their families.
- The band with sleepers has less work to do in 'building' the stage. First, he can play in more rooms, because not every one has a stage large enough for a live line-up. This also has an impact on the number of potential customers, because they do not have to look for a "specialized" premises with a large stage. The band with the backing tracks does not have to struggle with powerful cabling, mic and tune it all like this, so that there are no feedbacks and squeaks.
- The unquestionable advantage of the "live" composition is the sheer joy of playing. A lot of people just like to play. No matter what. The bottom line is this, that the sounds are created by them and their composition. The satisfaction from playing like this is huge.
- But also very tiring. Many hours of trying alone can tire you out. A wedding in full force raises the level of fatigue to the second power.
- Live band takes more money. Less customers? If they manage to hit the market well and reach those interested in 'live' gaming, they will not complain about the lack of cash.

What to choose?

As for the people who make up the band, I definitely recommend foundations. It will be easier and faster. If someone does not want to play with playback, he should join the live line-up, taking into account the enormous amount of work, who is waiting for him. When it comes to the number of orders, promotion plays the most important role. If we are visible, there will be people willing to use our services.
For guests and organizers, I recommend a composition with ready-made sleepers, half-playback. It will be a more universal solution in terms of sound. It will also be easier to organize the premises, and the cost of the entire event will be lower. However, if we know the musical preferences of our guests and we do, that they want a live band, ordering one will be a great solution for sure, worth spending more money.