wishes on 18 birthday

wishes on 18 birthday

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Real love,
Lots of fun,
Great orgasms,
Crazy departures,
Beds without a vibrator,
A lover not an amateur,
Full wallet
and a successful life!
* * * * *

Hair is falling on the face,
you dream more boldly about girls.
You can play around, arsonist, drink,
I mean you have already started to live.
Life in handfuls
and go pick up and go with your buddies.
Now all the ladies
you have it at your fingertips!
* * * * *

Eighteenth turned one year old,
you took another step in adulthood.
May happiness always be with you,
avoids what is bad,
everything you want to come true
and the way you want it always has been.
* * * * *

I wish you find such a job, such friends and such opportunities, what are you dreaming about. Face the future with hope and courage. With enthusiasm, enthusiasm and joy. Take it all and build a life out of it, worth experiencing…
* * * * *

When the 18-year-old passes by surprise,
you will forget about dolls and candies girl.
There will be a fight in the young heart:
or the first boy, or the last doll
* * * * *

Lots of money, fun cart,
A lot of girls, little kennels,
A lot of happiness and love,
From all of us, the guests.
* * * * *

In early adulthood
let you not lack joy,
keep everything simple
and joyful for spring.
And don't worry about the years,
they fly over us.
* * * * *

Adulthood is a substitute
When eighteen is here
Go ahead and take off your chastity belt –
The boys will take you in a spin
Dance from morning to evening –
It is time for scruples
So that you don't get gary
And the old husband, still wandering!
* * * * *

You have “18” year old – it is already a fact
You are free as a bird now
Receive the best wishes
dreams of all fulfillment
Thousands of boys around
that you are always happy!
So that you will never forget your old friends
and she survived in this world until she was a hundred years old!
* * * * *

You are not a small child anymore,
but a perfect guy.
From Today go crazy, play, drink
who will jump in the snout.
* * * * *

It is already over 18 lat,
The cares of youth went out into the world,
Now you are entering adult life,
So drive yourself right.
* * * * *

18 18th birthday wishes:
-common sense in life
-drinking moderation
-good health
-money mongrel
-constant joy
-happiness in love
-new friends
-color dreams
-a large family
-lovely consolation
-great job
-high wages
-home with a garden
-pedigree dog
-ideas of many
-reaching the goal
-breaking records
i……100years of life!!!
* * * * *

When the 18 will score
you have a hundred new privileges,
everything is allowed from today,
cigarettes, vodka, wine
and erotic cinema.
Singing of the day, dana
have fun until dawn,
you can rejoice out loud
or a number to shoot yourself.
When the weather sets in
then treat yourself to a blowjob.
When you can afford four angles
you can make triangles in them.
Everything will be fine,
when you put it in deep.
From today you can do a lot,
this is what your friends wish for.
* * * * *

It's yours 18 birthday
So we're going on a trip
And we take the bottle
* * * * *

Eighteen mice,
What they don't like silence
No mockery of the shadow,
She makes you good wishes.
* * * * *

DD.MM You came into the world
And today you have it 18 lat
The parents were very happy about it
Make them never doubt in you
Follow the path of truth, faith and love
Let it stay in your life forever
Let her grow up, life career
It never bothers your parents
That they would be proud of you until the end of their lives
That they have trained you to be a good man.
* * * * *

The way of adult life.
Let it be without much drinking.
Make dreams come true.
And with a hangover they did not go away.
So that your parents can support you.
Because you know how much they wanted you.
You learn to reach your goal.
Don't stray like doing too much.
And don't let your health and happiness pass you by
That every moment is important in your adult life
* * * * *

On your 18th birthday, I would like to offer you wishes that no one has ever asked you to do so far! May happiness and joy be your friends and love your destiny!
* * * * *

Today is your birthday…
set aside a full set of cheese
and jump all the way into the bubbles.
It will put you in a good mood
and will entertain you for the whole year!!!
* * * * *