birthday wishes for a boyfriend

birthday wishes for a boyfriend

birthday poems for a boyfriend

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Good wishes for you:
Don't look back,
Go ahead and go through life,
Secretly fall in love,
Control your desires,
Earn money,
Underestimate the scrunchies,
Avoid the crooks,
Follow the rules,
Rely on yourself,
But most of all
Show them all!
* * * * *

Happiness, health, good luck
Just enjoy life!
May your fate always be with you,
And let go of bad things.
Lots of sweetness, happiness in love
Same luxuries, million kisses.
Let the bitterness go away
I wish you from the bottom of my heart.
What are you thinking about, what are you dreaming about
Let it happen to you in life!
Best wishes, dreams come true
On the occasion of his birthday, he makes, remembering(y) about you…
* * * * *

On your birthday,
on your feast day
a certain person remembers you,
remembers you and sends you good wishes
that all your dreams will come true,
let your life flow sweetly
at any time and at any time,
for everything to come true,
what you dream about was yours,
that you may have bright days
I wish you from the bottom of my heart!
* * * * *

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! uncle screams,
aunt hands a basket of sweets,
grandfather in his new shirt,
grandma hugs you,
mama cake decorates,
Papa films it all…
Where all the fuss came from?
You have a birthday, honey!
* * * * *

The brewery is already pouring down,
already everyone is laughing at the sky,
you already have fun legs,
and the mouth taunts me timidly.
We wish you a birthday,
so that you always have money with you,
so that no one would ever go wrong in front of you,
that you would be crazy for many virgins.
* * * * *

Today is the day,
in which sorrows go into the shadows,
and dreams do come true
and they cheer you up.
Everyone wishes you –
happiness, health, Good luck.
And I wish you love and joy
and a life without pain.
That every day would be like this,
in which the sun gives signs,
there is someone close to you,
who wants to love you very much!
* * * * *

Happy birthday day,
The fragrance of spring is full of flowers.
Today I want to wish you my best wishes,
Happiness, health, Good luck.
Let the sun shine brightly on you,
the day will fly by in joy.
Let the sorrows of anxiety go away,
That there would be a day of joy.
These wishes, at least from a distance,
It flows like a great river.
And although modestly arranged,
They are meant for you.
* * * * *

Happiness, health, good luck.
Beer, vodka and love.
Have nice days of interesting experiences
and make all your dreams come true.
* * * * *

I wish you success and pleasure,
I wish you a smile and prosperity.
I wish you health and good work,
let all your countrymen like you.
* * * * *

by the way … birthdays
Happy faces all year round
Smile, joy and many guests
Health, happiness and prosperity
That you would find your one quickly
That she would be a beautiful and smart girl
That she would respect you, never to cheat
That she would remember you like me
So that you do not miss true love
It will not be possible for her among the guests
Perhaps she is sending these wishes to you
It will be from 5 years in love with you
Maybe you can give her a chance and call him
You kiss hard, give her your hand
And you will be together until the end of your days
And you won't regret it, that you gave me a chance.
* * * * *

Grow big, brave, healthy
w 100% awesome.
Don't look into the glass,
because your bowel will be playing.
Now for your head,
so that there is no poppy seed from it.
Laugh a lot, learn little,
download boldly on the test.
Be as helpful as a computer,
fast as a Japanese scooter,
lovable as a mascot
and as sweet as apple pie.
These wishes are for you,
to make you feel like in 7 heaven.
Now, a little warning:
do not forget about me, Sun!!
* * * * *

How many people live in China,
how many rungs are there in the ladders,
how many clouds are in the sky,
how many people like you,
how many women in America
I wish you so much happiness.
* * * * *

Mission, bear, my dear
I wish you wouldn't be like those sheep,
I wish you a lot of fun until the morning
and keep telling me “My love”.
I wish you endless happiness,
and a spruce in a large jar.
* * * * *

Super rides, no i chatty,
that you may always be rich,
that the miss would please you,
not to waste your life.
On your next birthday –
this is what we buddies wish you.
* * * * *

My dear little angel,
my sweet candy,
all of you wish for a dozen beers today,
and I want to wish you happiness in a jar,
happiness, that will never leave you
and he will not let evil come to you.
* * * * *

All the guys in your gang
already preparing four-packs
and a great wave
with wishes, the texts collapse:
Let the brewery run hard
Let the university laugh out loud
Let Doda give you a blowjob
Let the weather cool
Super fury, super cottages
that you may always be rich.
* * * * *

You are the only one among men
Because it's your birthday today
Let the virgins walk the rope
Just like cats after tomcats
Let the muscles of the sweatshirt burst
So, that Rambo will be scared
Let there be no shortage of money
When this is how you like beer
And your sports car
It will make your friends dizzy!!!
* * * * *

This is not Greece ,it's not china,
it's your birthday.
Always healthy with medication, sneer
and sleep carelessly.
Bread on the table, milk in a jug,
good mood, Bank account,
non-perishable car
and constantly growing income.
* * * * *

Birthday, birthday,
half the family has already arrived.
Auntie, grandma and uncle,
they already wish you zero doubles.
But I want to wish you,
so that you can keep fisting,
make you go crazy after the parties
and never failed
* * * * *