Easter SMS

Easter SMS

Easter bunny is jumping in the forest, He carries greetings in a Christmas basket:
Let these days be fruitful, because it's Easter!!!!

Healthy and cheerful Easter
Oraz smacznego jajka dla całej rodzinki życzy

warm, the feasts of the Lord's Resurrection full of joyful hope,
as well as colorful meetings with nature awakening to life

Colorful Easter eggs, powdered cakes, glazed mazurkas
and a table full of Christmas treats and a wet dyngus…

So that you have fun not only at the festive table,
the sun was shining, bunnies were hopping, and the chicks turned yellow…

That the base would bloom in the spring and the days would be joyful again,
Greetings from aunt and uncle Happy Hallelujah!!!

With heartfelt joyful wishes, truly spring Easter wishes …

Lots of ham, lots of eggs lots of water on Monday wishes lots of cakes and sweets for Easter…
Far, near the forest, where the nature of the wild hare in the field is chasing
he does it quietly and is in a hurry because people on Easter do not despise the hare. Happy Christmas

Warm and happy Easter and all the best
wishes you joy in your professional and private life…

Let's all be happy, as in heaven Angela,
what we wanted, we lived to see it. Alleluia.

Healthy and cheerful Easter in a real spring mood
good eggs and good mood …

Easter wishes, Graces of the Risen Lord,
Generous abundance – I wish – And every day a smile, joy.

Rich bunny, miraculous mazurka,
colored Easter eggs, happy and healthy holidays.

For the upcoming Easter holidays
power of cordials, I send my wishes with fragrant spring wishes …..

Wishes for many happy times for Easter
tasty holy wet Dyngus sends …