Christian Easter Wishes

Christian Easter Wishes

Everyone is running as quickly as possible
To join the shepherds
And I am in a hurry with my wishes
Because I can't be there with you
Health, happiness, good luck
And let kindness guests be among you
And let God be a great power
It will come down on you
On a holy night

Happy Easter,
peace of mind, faith in God and in people.
The ability to see the beauty of this world
and, of course, faith in yourself and your abilities.

By sharing an egg,
this beautiful Christmas,
we wish you nothing but joy.
Let there be health,
let there be happiness,
May prosperity be your guests.

Abundant Graces and Blessings
from the Risen Christ
and full of peace
with joyful “Alleluia”
wishes ....

May the Risen Christ
it enlightens the paths of everyday life,
bestows a blessing
and helps make life happy.
Happy and warm holidays
On the Feast of Resurrection, I wish you ,
that they may be resurrected in you:
forgotten dreams, youthful
optimism in dealing with adversities
fate, school's fantasy.
Let spring reign in your heart
– rebirth of a new life.
May Christ be risen
will bring you
spring flowers of joy,
love, peace, happiness…
Happy Christmas
May Christ be risen
will bring you spring flowers of joy,
love, peace and happiness.
Happy Holidays and wet Dyngus wishes…
We would like to wish you our best wishes
healthy and cheerful Easter,
plenty on the holiday table,
a tasty egg and spring mood
in the family circle.
The bell rings merrily
A mighty song comes
may the heart also stay
filled with glory today
and bustling spring
in the Resurrection a joyful day.
Lent has ended, began the Easter Triduum.
Time, in which we remember in a special way the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, to then joyfully celebrate His Resurrection.
These events contain the deepest Mystery of faith, which we proudly confess.

I wish you, make this Christmas an opportunity to meet your loved ones, sometimes building a real community and sometimes true joy flowing from the heart.

Hallelujah the bells ring
Hallelujah the echo proclaims
Christ, for he is risen
Peace brings into our hearts.