Postcards with angel pop-up, Christmas tree, crib

Postcards with angel pop-up, Christmas tree, crib.

Christmas is a special time, when we give each other good wishes. There is an atmosphere of general understanding during these holidays, love and acceptance. Religious symbols come alive and can be seen everywhere. People buy themselves gifts, they forget for a moment what is bad and spend a wonderful time together, Christmas time. Christmas is a time when wishes flow in all kinds of forms.

Some convey good thoughts by singing Christmas carols together and enjoying the peaceful, a beautiful time with the family. Others read the gospel at the Christmas table, trying not only to feel the cheerful atmosphere of commercial holidays, but also to experience spiritually what this holiday brings in the Catholic Church. Breaking the wafer is also an inseparable element of Christmas (symbolizing the body of Christ, the newborn Son of God) and exchanging good wishes with the closest family.

With people a little further away, however, close to the heart, we are happy to share wishes through Christmas cards. There are an endless number of such greeting cards. Christmas has become so popular and commercialized, that paper and graphic companies outdo each other in patterns of cards and ready-made wishes. Na papierze powstają dzieła sztuki – jak wyszywane kartki świąteczne – mające oddać atmosferę tego czasu i emocje osoby kierującej życzenia do bliskich.

The usual cards - postcards - still dominate among products of this type. Apart from them, however, you can find much more sophisticated and adapted to age and gender. Until recently, the greatest fashion among Christmas cards were postcards - music boxes. Currently, however, it is used a bit less frequently. They gave their place to the graphically and conceptually sophisticated.

Three-dimensional postcards turned out to be a great idea for unusual paper greetings - so far they were most often used as parts of city albums or commemorative postcards. After opening such a postcard, we see a three-dimensional figure. They are angels to your liking, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, baubles and lots, many other Christmas symbols.

These types of postcards can be both colored and monochrome. Their ornamentation depends only on the creativity of the creator. You can buy them at almost any stationery store, as soon as the pre-holiday season begins.

There are also such, who go to the trouble of preparing these types of pop-up cards themselves. However, it is an extremely difficult occupation that requires gigantic manual skills.