When it comes to organizing a birthday party, we have a few tempting proposals to choose from - we can celebrate at home, in the premises, and even on the river. The choice is not easy, so it's worth taking a closer look at the options available.

Option 1 - birthday at home

Zdecydowaną zaletą tej lokalizacji są zerowe koszty najmu lokalu 😉 Do minusów należy jednak zaliczyć: cleaning, organization of entertainment for kids, cleaning again, and then cleaning again. A successful birthday is not about sitting nicely at a beautifully decorated table (I guess, that it is a two-digit birthday, and those starting at least with a digit 5). A successful party for children, it's a laugh, fun, madness and… mess. This type of solution is actually only good in 2 cases: when the dignified jubilarian has no more, than 2 patch (and his guests are mostly adult families), or in the case of, when we have a large garden, where the whole company can romp at will.

Option 2 - birthday in a cafe club

The club and cafe is a new phenomenon in our reality - it is a combination of a cafe and a toddler's club, where the kids can play, and mom read the newspaper and drink coffee. As a rule, club-cafes have an interesting offer of animators who run birthday parties, so there is a good chance, that we really do drink coffee, and the kids will have something to do. This solution is also recommended for small children, let's say, for preschoolers. The cost of organizing such an event may vary depending on the location and number of guests. However, it is worth considering this option, because when renting a room with an animator, we do not have to clean, nor inventing games for the little ones.

Option 3 - birthday in the so-called. balls

"Kulki" are places, where is the children's room, unlike a club-cafe, the games are much more lively and noisy. An inseparable element of this type of shrine are pools with the above-mentioned balls, which usually leads to a slide. Such places should first of all be looked for in the vicinity of large shopping centers or on their premises, although this is not always the case. "Balls" provide our little ones with a lot of exercise and fun, a nam (similarly, like clubs and cafes) peace of mind. Such entertainment will be suitable for smaller children, and for the first- or second graders.

Option 4 - birthday in a restaurant

Terror blew here, because the restaurant sounds pretty serious. And it really is, therefore, not every place is suitable for a children's birthday party. Birthday in a restaurant can be a success, if the premises have a playroom for children, and therefore - they are frequent guests on board, so the staff knows, how to handle them and what to expect from them. It is a good proposition, if we want to invite a large family,but, let's be honest - from the child's point of view, birthday party in a restaurant is rather boring, especially, that instead of noble aunts, and even beloved grandmother, will prefer to play with the children. This type of event can also be associated with considerable costs, although the food could be much better, than in balls or club-cafes.

Option 5 - birthday in unusual places

It is worth looking around and organizing an interesting birthday for your child in the place, which seemingly is not associated with fun: in the museum on the barge, in a horse farm, and even in the mine. These types of places are fighting for every customer, and organizing birthday parties is a serious source of income for them.