Birthday cake

Where did these cakes come from??

At the beginning, perhaps briefly, Fr. “pedigree” a cake, and then you can use some interesting recipes.

What is a cake? A cake is a type of cake interleaved with confectionery mass and finished with glaze and decorations. Both the dough, the mass and the topping can be of different types, type, taste and shape. So we have a biscuit cake, chocolate, fruit etc. Often (unless it's a child's birthday) they are soaked in alcohol: rum, vodka, brandy or wine. If you do not want to use alcohol, but still want to get a flavored cake, you can soak it with all kinds of aromas.

Also, the weight depends only on the cake maker. All kinds of creams can be found here, jams, preserves and all kinds of confectionery miracles, which can fill the space between the dough. The glaze, on the other hand, is the final layer. For this reason, it must of course look nice. This is why, apart from the topping, the top of the cake is often decorated with special confectionery, whose shape, color and taste are limited only by the confectioner's imagination. The shape of the cake is usually round, However, recently there are a lot of rectangular or square and even triangular cakes.

Why is the birthday cake so important? Due to tradition, which requires you to prepare an effective cake for each birthday. There is probably no bigger birthday symbol than a birthday cake. I think everyone will agree with this statement.