Theme birthdays – why is it worth inviting us?

Theme birthdays – why is it worth inviting us?

  • We offer great fun based on a multisensory experience
    Theme birthdays are great fun, which teaches and opens children to the world based on multisensory, i.e. exploring the world with all senses. Children at birthdays have the option, depending on the topic of the workshop, feel beautiful, exotic spice fragrances from around the world, Arabic perfumes and aromatic coffee. They can touch a soft Moroccan colored carpet as well as sands from various deserts of the world from the Sahara desert to China and Australia. Another experience is sounds and ethnic music and instruments, on which every child can play as well as flavors because during the birthday it is possible to taste delicious snacks and aromatic drinks characteristic for a given country, such as. tea from Tibet or Morocco. Watching various items with children, we admire the extraordinary cultural differences in the world with them, getting to know many interesting facts about our globe.
  • We bring exotic countries straight to your child's birthday party
    As part of the birthday party, we offer many interesting travel topics. We can conduct country-specific workshops or do thematic cross-sectional activities on a specific topic, e.g.. deserts, volcanoes, the sea, animals or children. During the fantastic fun, the kids absorb the wealth of knowledge about the world, interesting places, known and less known cultures, which inspires their passion, inquisitiveness and willingness to know even more and discover how beautiful and rich our world is. At a birthday party, a child can feel the atmosphere of far lands, hot deserts, traverse the jungle, visit Scottish or Indian islands, travel with King Julian “The Red Island” or in the shade of the Himalayas, while sitting on comfortable cushions, drink Tibetan tea made of juicy limes, hot ginger and sweet honey.
  • During the classes, we use a lot of interesting props characteristic of a given country, we are talking about.
    During the thematic birthday workshops, we only use our own original materials and aids specific to a given country: interesting props, everyday items, colorful toys, exotic costumes, jewelry, headgear (pipe, scarves, hats) itd.. We also usually have color photos with us from our numerous travels around the world, interesting instruments as well as ethnic music. We tell about our adventures and share with children the wealth of experience and knowledge about the world gained from traveling. In short : we know the world and we want with our knowledge, experience, Share experiences and memories with everyone, and especially these, who have not had the opportunity to go on a long journey so far. Or maybe our workshops will be an encouragement, to do it? To pack a backpack and set off on a dream journey? We believe, that it was possible!
  • We create thematic travel workshops, that children like and leave unforgettable memories.
    We are very effective in creating fantastic engaging workshop scenarios and themed games for children of all ages. We individually adjust our offer to the needs and preferences of the client. We effectively advise and propose the most interesting and spectacular solutions. We have already carried out over 1500 hours of travel animation, we have developed over 20 thematic travel themes and we keep creating new ones. Thanks to our extensive experience and constant contact with children, we can still develop and improve our methods of working with children as well as the scenarios of games and animations.. Having contact with children on a daily basis, we know exactly what and how it works, which works, what interests them, which is fun, which fascinates. Our thematic workshops are adapted to the age and development phase of the child, thanks to which they are fully understandable, Sure, clear and extremely interesting.

We individually adapt to your needs

When organizing birthdays, we flexibly adapt to your needs. You have the opportunity to choose the most interesting one from among many topics and we will enrich it with thematically addictive games, interesting quizzes, crazy dancing as well as manual activities, that the little anniversary will be delighted and the birthday party will be unforgettable. The party can be held at any place and time of your choice, and the whole event can be extended with many interesting additional options.

Theme birthday service includes:

The Travel Theme Birthday service includes two hours of passionate travel animation for a group to 15 people in a selected topic enriched with games, quizzes and surprises, a small gift for the birthday boy, unlimited photo opportunities in exotic costumes, headgear and items brought by the traveler. We also provide free transport in Krakow and to places away from the city to 20 km.

Attractive additional options:

The birthday party can be enriched / extended with attractive additional options: a healthy cake with a shape corresponding to the theme of the travel workshop (do 250 PLN), a delicious themed snack to be prepared by children during birthdays or in the form of catering (the price is determined individually), additional animator for the group above 15 kids (200 PLN), travel gifts for each child (15 PLN art), birthday invitation design (50 PLN – Project, 2 PLN – one piece printout on paper 200 g) and the possibility of travel to further regions outside Krakow (the price is set individually depending on the distance). When organizing a birthday party in one of the premises, with whom we work, the price of birthday catering should be added (the price of the birthday menu varies from child to child depending on the chosen venue). The price of the cafe also offers an exclusive room and coffee and tea for the current parents.