World animals


Na warsztatach Zwierzęta świata dzieci znajdą odpowiedź na wiele nurtujących ich pytań dotyczących dotyczących zwierząt m. in. Do dragons live in the world and if so, can they breathe fire?, where they live, what they eat and what they look like in nature. Toddlers can see in the photo how their favorite stuffed animals, i.e. teddy bears, look in real life and answer the question of whether such a real teddy bear can also be hugged. The workshop also provides an opportunity to find out why we call parakeets "lovebirds", what the hero of the famous and popular cartoon King Julian looks like in nature and can lemurs sing. During the classes, children divide the items we prepare into good and bad, depending on whether someone had to hurt an animal for their production, and they independently come up with ways to help animals on a daily basis, especially during winter.